What to do when the fermenters are full…

brewery update
In preparation for the Del Hierro wedding – I’ve got a keg tied up with an Amarillo Hop Brown Ale, and two new brews in the basement chugging along. First, a Cream ale featuring a low ABV, mild bitterness, and a smooth palate pleasing malt base. Second, a...
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Kinder Brewing with Three Boys Brewery

Summer brewing has it's advantages.
Starting to brew your own beer can be a daunting task – but it isn’t really. It is a simple cooking process, with a little more sanitation than most chefs are used to, and a couple of cooking vessels you wouldn’t have likely considered before. To help folks...
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Mid-July Update

Brewing continues in earnest – including a pipline of recipe building for the Del Hierro wedding. Wow that sounds so weird… Looking forward to it Alex! Jalapeno Stout and a dark Amarillo Brown Ale are in fermenters for another week, and Kegs will be filled as soon as...
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Spring update

Not a ton to relay here – and I’m a bad blogger despite the activity on my Google Plus / Twitter channels – but here it is. Ho-Ho-Hold on Rudolph, a Christmas spiced Winter Ale (11.5%) took Silver at this years Aurora Brewing Challenge (http://abc.ehg.ca). As one of...
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In the bottle….

The first brew is in the bottle. Just a few short weeks to Pale Ale joy. Keep up with my brew efforts at: http://www.scratchley.org/three-boys-brewery/
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Active Living Session Cancelled.

Sadly – due to low registration for the seminar I was offering at the Active Living conference, I’ve elected to cancel it. There was simply not enough interest to justify the expense of doing it, in addition without the engagement of a group, the material would have simply...
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In a nutshell… yikes.

Ok. We’re back and in business. After much shuffling and cantankerousness, the site is back online. Again – many many many thanks to Pacres )) for his support and assistance on this one. If you aren’t familiar with Fly Paper – and you are a fly tyer, it’s...
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How long has it been?

Yeah, that long. I couldn’t even remember my login. With that – I think I’ll be blowing the blog away, and starting fresh with something new. Until then, you can always find me at http://scratchmy.tumblr.com/
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Astronomical Serendipity

As an amateur astronomy junkie, a photo hound, and a road-tripper by choice, travelling the highways and by-ways to find a fishing hole or observing location is par for my course. After waiting a year and a half for today’s transit of Venus the weather forecast guaranteed either...
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