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My goodness…


So many things happening, so few details shared with the masses. I’m going to be consolodating a number of my ‘online’ things into a few places. Google+, This blog, and my blog at the RASC will hold most everything. Tumblr is a pain, and I’ve got too many accounts etc. to manage. A number get attention, but not all of them, and not all at once.

Let’s see what 2012 brings. :)


  1. jayscratch says:

    I hope to see more of you here. Perhaps things are going to level out a bit and life won’t be quite as hectic for you now. Social networking is flabergasting! There is so much inter-change going on. Personally, I like to keep things simple and least is sometimes best. Even ‘friends’ can have a tendency to flood the daily mail with stuff that can be really uninteresting from my point of view and I’m sure it probably works for others in the reverse.
    I do Flickr, +Google and Facebook all of which I ride shotgun on pretty carefully. Others, Nyah….. enjoy you week off old son.

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